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What is breast augmentation?

Breast Augmentation Overview

Popularly known as a mammoplasty, a breast augmentation procedure is a surgical intervention meant to correct the size or shape of the chest. In the United States, the number of requests for this type of procedure is so high that it outweighs all other plastic surgeries. It is currently one of the most popular and safe procedures, since every year hundreds of thousands of women apply for the services of a breast surgeon in order to get more natural and full looking breasts.

When it comes to tools and techniques used, the difference between the interventions consists of the type of implants used. The 3 most important fillers are saline solution, silicone and miscellaneous. The silicone-based one has been dramatically improved over the years in order to make it safer and prevent leakages, making it the most requested implant filler. It also confers a more natural aspect of the breasts. The saline solution is a safer option, as well as the mixed composition that can be chosen to suit a particular individual.

What can you find on our website?

Our website,, will provide you with everything you need to know in terms of breast augmentation - from the very first step of finding the best surgeon for you and what to ask him during the consultation, up to tips for a better recovery and maximizing your chances of success. You will also find out more about the various techniques used in breast augmentation, as well as the cost of the procedure. Last, but not least, in order to get a clearer idea of the effects of such a surgery you will be invited to review before and after photos of patients that have undergone breast augmentation. After reading everything the website has to offer you can say you will be making an informed decision!

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