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what you need to know about plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that is concerned with the repair, restoration, or even improvement of defective, lost or injured parts of the body. Plastic surgery has two main branches, reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive plastic surgery Also called reconstruction surgery. This kind of surgery is done to restore the function […]

Giving the Gift of Plastic Surgery … to Kids?

One the notorious Human Barbie figures is making the news, yet again. Sarah Burge, who has invested a large sum in more than 100 cosmetic procedures is now gifting her daughters plastic surgery vouchers this holiday season. Her idea of a Merry Christmas is advocating the future prospect of her three daughters following in her foot-steps on a path to perfection. Well ... it sure makes for interesting conversations about parenting.

Swedish Medical Center Donates Mastectomy for Woman

Adopted twin sisters reveal story of their battle with a rare form of breast cancer BRCA 1, which is a genetic form of the cancer, and urge others to get tested for the mutation. Their act helped save the life of their half sister Laura Jajo. The story reveals that the mother they never met, died of Metastatic breast cancer years earlier.
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