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Breast Augmentation Surgery ModelMore and more women nowadays are relying on plastic surgery in order to correct imperfections and boost up their confidence. This is mainly due to the focus of our society on physical appearance and the need to express itself through looks and style. When it comes to augmentation mammoplasty we can easily notice a significant increase over the last few years. The high demand has emerged from women’s need of enhancing their chest area, often associated with the core symbol of femininity.

Natural breast augmentation is the main concern for most surgeons that operate in the field. Their purpose is to create and retouch breasts in such way that the overall aspect would not suggest any plastic corrections. Techniques and tools have been perfected in the past decade, making the natural breast augmentation surgery a lot safer than before. The rate of success and customer satisfaction has also increased.

Reasons for choosing augmentation mammoplasty

Most women elect this surgery as a procedure to increase their cup size if they feel their breasts are too small. Others want to lift and add volume to their breasts due loss of elasticity, after breast feeding, weight loss, menopause or hormonal changes. There are also cases involving physical deformities and cancer that prompt women to have breast augmentation as part of a corrective procedure.

Now that we established the importance and popularity of the procedure, let us take a look at a few reasons behind it.

  • Cosmetic. This is the most popular reason for choosing an augmentation surgery. Women that have been genetically predisposed to a small, flat chest and wish to feel more attractive opt for an improvement. The most important step in this case is finding the right breast augmentation size in order to ensure they look as natural as possible.
  • Corrective. There are also cases in which either naturally or due to a failed breast augmentation surgery the breasts do not match or have various deformities. In this case, the procedure is a corrective and necessary one. This is also the situation where having a private medical insurance can cover your expenses for the surgery.
  • Hormonal changes. Generally, after breastfeeding or during menopause the overall aspect of the breasts tend to become saggy and deflated. Losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time has the same effect. In order to restore the firmness of the chest, an augmentation mammoplasty is a great option to take into consideration.
  • Effects of time. Time is an uncontrollable factor in everyone’s lives and its traces can be easily seen after reaching a particular age. Women tend to be the most affected and start to lose their appealing cleavage. A natural breast augmentation surgery will cancel out the effects of time and restore the freshness and vitality.

Are You a Good Candidate?

Breast augmentation isn’t right for everyone. How do you know if this type of procedure is right for you? Different women seek out the enhancement for various reasons. Women with smaller breasts may seek out to achieve a fuller, curvier look. On the other hand, women with larger breast may seek out the enhancement to create more firmness or volume and alter the shape of their breasts.

Women who have had children and spent time breast-feeding may desire breast augmentation to make sagging breast less droopy and more perky. This is a common reason behind seeking out breast augmentation surgery which is most appropriate for women who have finished having children and breast-feeding.

As women age, breast tissue may slowly diminish. Weight gain and weight loss can also affect breast tissue. Women who have deformed or uneven breasts may choose to achieve a more normalized appearance. And finally, women who have had lumpectomies or mastectomies may seek out augmentation to restore their figure and reconstruct lost breast tissue.

It is typically considered an elective surgery and therefore is not covered by insurance. However, if breast augmentation is performed to repair lost breast tissue following a lumpectomy or mastectomy, insurance may cover the procedure. Talk with your surgeon about insurance coverage for your surgery to learn more.

The Procedure

Breast augmentation surgery could be performed in a clinic, hospital, or outpatient surgical facility. Most women are place under general anesthesia for the surgery which usually takes one to four hours to complete.

Saline or silicone implants are placed in position within the breast through incisions made in nearby tissue. Your surgeon may recommend an incisions in the armpit (known as a transaxillary incision), under the breasts (known as a periareolar incision) or an incision in the belly button (known as a transumbilical incision-see image below) to get the implants into position inside the breast tissue.

where are incisions done in a breast augmentation

Breast implants can be positioned either under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle. Your surgeon will probably recommend one position or the other depending on your particular situation. Women with smaller breasts may be able to achieve a more natural look by having implants placed under the muscle tissue, for example.

Women often report experiencing swelling and bruising following surgery. Breast implants may cause muscle spasms of the pectoral muscles as well during the recovery process. Incisions may be tender during recovery and there may be noticeable scarring at first. Lotions and topical medications can help reduce scarring. Heavy lifting and strenuous activities, as well as direct sunlight should be avoided during the recovery period.

Medication will be prescribed following surgery to prevent infection and reduce pain and swelling. Doctors may also prescribe special medications or topical lotions to reduce scarring. Supportive garments will help improve the healing process and should be worn as directed. Some patients find that sleeping in a slightly elevated position helps to reduce swelling and contribute to the healing process.

Breast Size Recommendations for an Augmentation Surgery

Large breasts are not recommended for all women. The right breast size for you will be determined by the size of your build, the strength and size of your shoulders, as well as the elasticity of your breast tissue and the breast skin. Large implants can actually contribute to back pain, sagging of the breasts, and other undesirable issues. Your doctor will help you determine the ideal breast implant size for you.

There are a number of options for women who have inelastic breast tissue or skin to help them achieve a perky look to their breasts. Women with a small build will likely be able to achieve dramatic and attractive results with smaller implants. Talk with your surgeon about questions and concerns that you have regarding breast implant size and learn about your options. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better.

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To select a qualified breast augmentation surgeon, it is important to research their credentials, experience, training, clinic and facilities, medical status, and to review many videos, patient testimonials and before and after photos. In addition, make sure your surgeon is experienced with the specific breast procedure you desire. Evaluating this information can make it easier to choose a surgeon that is best for you.

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