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Breast Augmentation Cost



The cost of breast augmentation is the main concern for potential clients of the surgery. Knowing about breast augmentation costs can help you better prepare for your surgery. The good news is that regardless of the rapid increase in popularity, the prices have remained stable.

As with any plastic surgery procedure, the costs will vary due to a number of factors. Fees may range from $4,000 to as much as $10,000 or $15,000. Our cost table should help you calculate possible expenses to determine whether you can afford to pay for the procedure up front or if you need cosmetic financing to help you pay for it.


Average fee


$50 - $500

Breast Implants

$1,000 - $2,000


$800 - $1,200


$600 - $800


$3,500 +

Other Fees

Can vary. Typically low.

Total Cost

$4,000 - $15,000

Factors that influence the cost of breast augmentation

As mentioned before, breast augmentation prices vary depending on a series of factors. Let us analyze them and see what you can do in order to minimize the cost of your procedure.

  • Time is crucial, because the more time-consuming the procedure is the more it will cost in terms of facility use and staff’s time.
  • Technique is also important. An intricate and risky operation, requiring special measures will boost the price.
  • Type of implants you require – saline or silicone-based.
  • Using the latest technology will also influence the cost of the surgery to grow.
  • A surgeon more experienced or popular is highly likely to charge you extra for their services. However these tend to be the most confident and skilled. Paying that extra sum will eventually compensate because a trained and knowledgeable doctor will deliver better results and diminish the chances of future complications. Choosing the right surgeon represents almost half of the surgery’s success, so make sure you review before and after photos of their patients, read testimonials and ask to speak to them in person in order to make sure you are choosing the right professional.
  • The location of the procedure is also an important factor. Surgeons living in densely urban areas such as New York or Los Angeles typically charge more.
  • The anesthetic you require will affect the cost depending on its type; a local anesthesia is cheaper than a general one because it presents fewer risks.
  • If your surgeon owns the facility the procedure will be likely to cost less than one performed in a hospital.
  • If you require multiple procedures the general cost will be reduced.
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